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This gin is London Dry type and is made with a combination of botanical -enebro once, cardamom, rosemary, thyme, lemon and tangerine among others and meltwater Sierra Nevada.

The Gin 12/11 is a classic gin, dry cutting, with aromatic touches, notes of juniper and citrus touches. Clean and transparent appearance, has a lasting fresh finish in time.

This London Dry sample number was 12 and has 11 botanicals in their development, which is why he was given the name Gin 12/11.

It comes in a bottle with straight, transparent, with 70 ounces of capacity lines.

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With an explosion of flavors, Cool Gin Gin, known for its softness and elegance.

On the nose, many sensations are experienced, predominantly citrus and especially red fruits like wild strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. Cool is smart, sassy and sophisticated. Capable of arousing the discerning senses.

The palate is fine and aromatic mix of its 12 botanicals, make fresh and natural flavor break with the traditional perception of the Geneva making it unique.

Perfect to enjoy the best Gin Tonic, combined with other soft drinks or a delicious cocktail.

Forget contemporary Geneva, become as “Cool.

Destilería en Granada | Destilerías Líber - Ginebras, Whiskys, Licores, ....


Gin December 11 AURUM Limited Edition is a gin with a own character and personality that is launched with the intention of surprising the most demanding public.

The reduced production of this limited edition allows us to watch every step as it deserves, since each botanical distillation to bottling, through its meticulous aging in American oak barrels.

This gin contains small flakes of 24-carat gold inside

Destilería en Granada | Destilerías Líber - Ginebras, Whiskys, Licores, ....


NEWBERRY GIN is a new handcrafted beverage made with a careful selection of botanicals, which stands for quality in each of its ingredients, giving a special touch this gin, which is reflected in a taste that will not easily forget.

Natural, soft and aromatic, they are some of the characteristics that define this excellent gin, whose purpose is to let your palate a unique feeling.

The nose dominated by its most prominent ingredient, strawberry; and palate is refreshing, offering a flavor that escapes from the traditional.

Our distillery is located in a village in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada National Park, at an altitude of 800 m., Where the meltwater ensures excellent quality.