Liber distilleries, founded in May 2001 and consists of seven entrepreneurs and support of 55 members, known for the development and sale of alcoholic beverages, with two distinct business lines: products manufactured and the development, formulation design and development of high quality products to the letter to its customers.


The distillery covers a wide range of products, from gin, vodkas, liqueurs, rums and skins, to the development of the landmark Pure Malta Whisky Embrujo de Granada, brand star of the house that inspired the creation of Liber Distilleries.


Our pure malt whiskey made with pure water from the melting of Sierra Nevada, mashing, fermented and distilled with two stills built by a craftsman himself Albayzín neighborhood of Granada, not to mention the subsequent aging of not less than eight years in barrels American oak make this drink, a product to be proud to offer its great lovers.

Awards and prizes

The elaborate production, great dedication to research, development and innovation, in addition to logistics and commercial careful attention to have earned the distinction Liber Distilleries Best Industry of the Year 2008 by the Chamber of Commerce of Granada and later to Award of the Province of Granada in 2010 to more innovative company.


In Liber Distilleries we work every day so that our products meet the highest quality and are enjoyed by the most discerning palates. We care every detail and look at them hard and professionalism, excellence make for great drinks and own label.

Liber distilleries, a legacy of pure water, time and taste.


Making pure malt whiskey, (idea born in the mid-nineties after reading the book,El amante del whisky)
It is performed in Padul, zone of the Sierra Nevada in Granada, Spain, covering the entire production process (arm movement, fermentation, double distillation and aging in barrels of American oak wine ENVIN with Xerez).

Following the tradition of centuries, malt silo moved to the mill where it is ground into flour, which gradually mixed with water at high Temp, it becomes a sweet, translucent and sweetly fragrant wine.

After filtration everything is ready to add yeast to produce fermentation.
This operation is called arm movement and lasts a whole day.
Fermentation is the process in which alcohol is produced with intense boiling vaguely reminiscent of the witch pots and lasts between 48 and 72 hours.

Finally, the liquid is gradually calm and a “beer” of between 6 and 8 degrees alcohol is obtained.
For the work to build the stills used a known craftsman who molded Albaicin with his hands and a hammer copper, masterfully assembling each piece of design to get the final form of the two stills.
With the double distillation in copper stills, start making real whiskey and the most delicate part of the process.

In the first distillation, it is obtained through the coil a liquid of between 25 and 30 degrees of alcohol.
The next day, in the second distillation is when, after the separation of the “heads and tails”, pure, transparent and aromatic alcohol 60 degrees, set to become pure malt whiskey liquor is obtained.

For years he will rest in the cellar of Liber Distilleries in Granada, where await American oak barrels.
Selected barrels have been soaked in wine for over 20 years with the best wines of Jerez: A luxury bedding for the future Andalusian malt whiskey.

Subsequent to filtering that provides transparency, whiskey reaches the bottling where you will find your new home: the bottle.

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