Producción a la carta

On demand creations

At Liber Distilleries we put our knowledge and experience at your service to design, develop and produce the drink you have always dreamed of.
We are endorsed by more than 40 companies that have trusted us to create their products, some of them very new in the spirits market such as:

  • The first pure malt whisky braced, fermented, distilled and aged in Spain.
  • More than 60 gins and London gins with distillation of botanicals such as truffle, cocoa beans, lignum vitae, purple carrot, sea asparagus, acorns, rose petals…..
  • Cider distillates, beer (for the production of bierbrand) and wine (from which Brandy is obtained)
  • Agricultural rum fermenting and distilling the juice from sugar cane
  • The first braced potato vodka, fermented and distilled in the Spanish territory.
  • Beer, whisky and rum creams, as well as creams with flavours such as strawberry, mojito, tropical and violet.
  • Spiced rums and whiskies with allspice, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, spicy cayenne.
  • Mixtures of rum with cognac, rum with armagnac and whisky with rum.
  • Organic drinks (we have been accredited as an organic company since 2017)

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